Our value

Company Mission: To make the public more fashionable and healthier through world cuisine!

Since its establishment, PINLIVE Foods has always been committed to bringing health and happiness to the public by fashionable and healthy foods. Meeting Chinese consumers’ nutritional needs and diet habits. The main businesses under PINLIVE Foods company - dairy, beer & beverages, olive oil & condiments, as well as cereals & healthy biscuits - all share a common goal: to provide quality health products that meet the needs and expectations of consumers of different ages, offer them nutrition, and protection for their health, improve life quality and bring happiness and joy.
Consumers care about their food much more than ever before, their pursuit of health and safety has been upgraded again. From ingredients lists to nutrition info table, through transparency to scientific consumption, consumers are pursuing a better, more extreme, simpler, and more controllable "purity". Diet and health are undergoing change and revolution, the production, consumption & relationship with the natural environment of food are being reshaped. Human health is closely related to our planet. While fulfilling food corporate responsibilities and ensuring food safety, PINLIVE is more committed to fulfilling social responsibilities, respecting nature, and practicing the concept of sustainable development.
PINLIVE is dedicated to integrate global quality food resources. Optimize global quality origins, combine Chinese cuisine with global food resources and producing system. Make quality food which is more suitable for Chinese dietary habit and taste. Safeguarding our nutrition & health. Meanwhile, we call on all consumers and stakeholders in the food industry to join in a revolution in diet and health, committed to promoting and cultivating healthier and more sustainable diet habits.

• We are dedicated to bring healthy and fashionable food to the consumers.

• We advocate consumption concept of health food, a healthy lifestyle, pursuing physical and mental health.

• We follow a healthy approach to corporate development.

• The company respects every employee, and we encourage mutual care and respect among each other.

• The company respects every consumer, client, supplier, and other collaborators.

• Frankness means sincerity, truthfulness, honesty, and openness.

• Integrity is the foundation of a company's business, openness enables us to accept the advanced concepts of the world.

• We are dedicated to create a culture of frankness, encourage open communication.

• Leading the fashion of food requires innovation, therefore we need to introduce products and services which meet clients’ needs continuously.

• We encourage pioneering and innovative work, establish a mechanism for the emergence of innovative talents.

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