Global Supply Chain

With years of business experience, PINLIVE has built strong working relationships with numerous food suppliers who provide products of outstanding quality and reliable sources. All the suppliers have years of production expertise, a thorough business qualification and complete QC system. Have higher production and marketing scale, industry-wide brand awareness. With high stability and reputation on product quality in the international or exporting countries. High-quality and reliable suppliers guarantee both the stability of company procurement as well as the quality and security of the products from fountainhead. PINLIVE makes products base on global superior resources target not only niche groups, but also the publics and ordinary consumers through cost competitive origin selection, supply chain optimization of production and logistics, and improvement of scale efficiency simultaneously.
PINLIVE and a German dairy manufacturer Hochwald have each contributed 50% to establish a joint venture factory in 2021 to start a tighter cooperation. This will allow for greater direct control over the quality and security of the supply chain, and protecting consumer interests. As a foreign factory owned by PINLIVE Foods, PINLIVE-HOCHWALD GmbH can produce 690 million bricks of 200ml UHT milk per year. By this starting point, PINLIVE will keep increasing investments in the upstream supply chain, both overseas and domestically.

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