Food Culture and Food Innovation

Food culture is one of the most important features of a country or region, contains an extraordinary cultural journey and a fascinating history of flavors. Whenever you travel to a place, it’s natural to try local traditional food. Food craft and innovation also come from the local dietary culture.
In Europe, "clean label" has been adhering to, and gradually become the global food industry consumption trends and development guidelines. Represents the demands of consumers for eating "natural", "healthy ", it also reflects consumers' expectations for sense of value to food brand and other aspects.
PINLIVE's brands and products insist on quality raw materials and the concept of clean label to assure more natural & simple of food ingredients, the relative supply chain is transparent, environmentally friendly and fair, and the end products are "clean".
Würenbacher comes from Germany and Belgium. In 1516, Archduke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria promulgated the "Beer Purity Law"(“Reinheitsgebot”), which explicitly stipulated that only four ingredients - malt, water, hops and yeast - could be used to produce beer. All the other ingredients (such as rice, corn, starch, etc.) were forbidden to be used. It ensures the pure quality of beer. This is the oldest food law in human history, a law that has been observed in Germany since the 16th century and is still in force today. It is the guarantee of the highest quality of beer and has become an international standard by the widespread influence.
Europe contains the world's richest and highest quality cheese products, EU system of geographical indications guarantees cheese quality. EU certification system defends not only the product itself, but also traditional culture and the livelihood of the workers. With the development of west world culture and food industrialization, cheese has gradually well-known and more and more welcomed around the world. Evolving from a rare and strange food to a fashionable symbol. Chinese consumers be to understand and love cheese more and more.

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