Agroecosystem and Raw food materials

Healthy food comes from good raw materials, Good food raw materials are based on good agroecosystem, based on the relevant resources of the whole industry chain. Natural resources include soil, water, air and climate, as well as social and human-related factors, the level of technological development and social governance that affect the process and manner of planting or grazing.
As a health food company that integrates global quality food resources, PINLIVE has been adhering to the principle of "global factories, global QC, global raw materials" since its establishment. Take advantage of good items as the driving point, integrate the advantages of various origins around the world. Carry out full-link optimization from supply chain to selling channel to marketing.

PINLIVE olive oil comes from the Andalusia region of Spain, the Mediterranean coast. The local dry, rocky soil and environmental feature is suitable for olive tree cultivation. In addition to the long history of cultivation, Spanish olive oil production accounts for about 40% over the world. Ensuring the core competitiveness of PINLIVE olive oil in terms of quality and price.

The New Zealand factory of Weidendorf A2 milk is a Maori holding dairy corporation which inherits Maori tribal civilization. The milk comes from the pastures near the factory, fresh and controllable. The factory uses renewable geothermal energy, which significantly reduces carbon emissions compared with coal-fired power plants. The Māori people, who cherish nature and insist on authenticity, hope that their milk can "nourish the world with a clean land".
In terms of the ecological environment of food materials, PINLIVE is "by the nature power, returning green to nature", working together with the whole industry chain to raise public awareness of healthy diet and environmental protection through green production, building a responsible supply chain and practicing circular economy. Taking practical actions to protect the common health of human beings and the earth.

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